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My baby

My favorite bag can be bought in Japan at the source, was fleeingly available at the MOMA shop, and occasionally appears on eBay. If you decide you want it before July 12, click on the picture for your chance:

NYC Metro Cuff

This NYC Subway cuff is gorgeous, and makes me nostalgic for that fair city.

Solar lights

In my first non-wardrobe feature, I present solar lights from Ikea, with a nice blurb from Gizmodo (clickable):

I think I might just get me some for the patio.


Almost it

I absolutely adore this dress, but ordering it from the Internet is not an option lest it doesn't fit my unusual shape. Also, I need a bright color - I have enough black and gray!


BCBG on Freida Pinto and me

Today I tried on this dress in a size 8. It zipped when I exhaled. I didn't buy it thought - not perfect for my purposes.

The actual color is closer to the picture on the left.


How appropriate

This is only the most gorgeous ring I've ever seen in my entire life:

If only I knew what it was made of and how could I get one?

Here's its schtick.

Excellent maternity wear

On M.I.A. at the Grammys

And sensible shoes!

From the SAG awards, which I didn't watch.

What a flattering neckline and what a gorgeous color on Kate Winslet!



Absolutely love scarves and wraps! Might make one of these - they measure either 310x52cm or 155x35cm.

Dream bag

OK, This is the purse I want. Not that I'm spending $1200 for it, but in theory...


The Quest

Вот эта сумка приближается к тому типу, что я ищу. Конечно, в другой цветовой гамме и без текстуры на коже...


Just as I was complaining to myself that I haven't updated here in a long time, my own designer sent me gorgeous links with gorgeous stuff:

Although not all of it is to my taste, notcouture, although featuring Rachel Zoe, looks like a cool collection of stuff.

Among other cool stuff they design, this dream dive thing seems incredibly useful.

Last but not least, the Marc le Bihan collection is all kinds of gorgeous (except for that half-of-a-white-dress thing). It doesn't help that I'm in a phase of gray fanaticism.


Need dress

Red. Or mostly red but not a print.
Modern. Avant-garde, even. Interesting.
Empire waist.
Cap or short sleeves.
Asymmetric, but not to the point of having only one sleeve.
Fitting my size, shape and boobs; available in a size 12 or so.
Not too formal but probably long.
No lace, bows, hoops, puff, underskirts, train or beads.
Some interesting detailing.
Not costing a fortune.


P.S. I accept completely that my requirements may be impossible to fulfill and I may concurrently look for a fledgling designer/seamstress.


Creative shirt from Gizmodo

If only it wasn't white!


Gray dress

While normally I am not a fan of the sort of stuff Kim Cattrall wears, this one is an exception: my favorite gray, flattering draping and nothing over-the-top.


Details Porn

I like the kind of books and narratives that feature people and their interesting details - like photographs of people in interesting jewelery or with weird hats. I'm not sure what this kind of porn is called, but I'll call it Details Porn and bring some your way:

This photo shoot is beautiful, even though I'm not the biggest fan of nothing but skinny people and the boobage is a bit gratuitous. ONTD also has a good narrative selection.


Портфель - I love unisex bags

Вот в чём бумажки носить!


Оригинально, а главное, мой цвет!


Я бы такое носила. Может в другой расцветке, но люблю я асимметрию.


Maternity dress

I don't have an opinion on Angelina Jolie one way or the other, but that's a cool-looking maternity dress she's wearing. Although, it's the kind of a silhouette that's really hard to pull off, and these may not be the best colors for me.

Blue striped dress

I love the dress, if not the shoes. And Kristin Davis is my favorite of the SATC people.


Silver ring

I'm not sure I'm crazy about the earrings, but I love this ring:

Snagged from jeweller_kuznec

The purpose for this venture

The purpose of this blog is to post pictures of things I see online and on other people that I would actually like to wear. It may also include some of my wardrobe. I think most things that are currently trendy are now either atrocious or really unique and creative. Well, sometimes both. But this space is devoted only to the stuff I find to my liking and it may or may not be actually trendy.

By posting pictures of people I do not declare my endorsement of any of them or anything they do.

As other people are granted posting access to this community, they may also post about items they like.

Этот блог - моя копилка картинок с вещами которые мне нравятся. Иногда я буду вешать сюда картинки своих вещей. Я думаю что настоящая мода или ужастна или креативна, иногда и то и другое.

То, что я повесила сюда фотографию того или другого человека не означает что он мне лично симпатичен.

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